Gold Plated Long Choker Necklace with Freshwater Pearl Button Drop Pendant and Pearl Bead Drops on Back

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Perfect for everyday wear or for a special formal event! Shiny gold chain necklace with freshwater pearl button charm pendant and freshwater pearl drops.

  • Chain measures approximately 80cm in length with clasp intervals of 40 and 60cm allowing the necklace to be worn 3 different ways:
    1. As a choker with long chain drop at back
    2. As a 60cm length necklace with medium length chain drop at back
    3. As a full length 80cm necklace.
  • Each interval also features a freshwater pearl button drop. Pearl button pendant features 5 freshwater pearl button drops on gold chain links.
  • Freshwater pearl shape, size and colour may vary slightly due to their natural characteristics, making each piece unique.
  • Gold plating materials used are tarnish resistant.
  • Matching earrings also available.